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Integrated Vision System Solutions 

Sistemi 2 Visione: a company at the customer service

Sistemi 2 Visione proposes itself as a leading company in the design, developing and implementation of artificial vision systems for the industry, in order to optimize the production, control the processes and ensure the quality.

The S2V primary goal is to make available to its customers the more than twenty years experience gained in the area of Artificial Vision applications, and to provide a specialized support for the design and implementation of customized solutions to meet all the customer needs in terms of image processing, management and archiving of images, types and production data.

Sistemi 2 Visione: the artificial vision for a quality at Zero-Defect

The products quality certification is the key point for the industries that aim to assert itself in a more and more keen competitive market: the manual and statistical sampling cannot guarantee the required quality and it implies high cost and great waste of time above all in the case of high production and defects not easily detectable.

The vision and digital image processing systems, compared to the human operator, are able to perform checks at high speed without loss of performance, and providing objective and quantifiable data on product quality: accuracy of assembly, surface quality, placement, forms, profiles, colors and dimensions can be controlled in real time and in a precise and documented way.

Sistemi 2 Visione: a solution for every need of visual control

Sistemi 2 Visione manufactures systems that fully meet customer demand in terms of performance, compactness, reliability, flexibility and ease of use because of:

  • projects fully managed by Sistemi 2 Visione: from the feasibility study to the project, from the assembly of systems to the software development, from start-up to remote assistance via web.
  • development of proprietary and high-performance algorithms for image processing, to run controls at very low acquisition / processing time.
  • modular and expandable systems.
  • careful selection of hardware among the world's largest producers of technologies in the market of vision tecnology.


ZeroD is a general purpose software environment, S2V proprietary, aimed at the development of vision systems for the quality control, for industry, at 100% of the production.

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Vision Systems for
"Seals Inspection"

Sistemi 2 Visione proposes itself as a specialized supplier of complete solutions for both aesthetic and functional controls on all types of O-rings, seals and sealing ring.

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Vision Systems for aluminum caps control

Vision systems for the on-line control of aluminum caps suited to check for both the edge and the insert integrity.

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