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Integrated Vision System Solutions 

Vision systems to check for the correct assembly of oil-hydraulic drives

These vision systems are equipped with colour cameras, and they are arranged to check for the presence and correct positioning of various components of oil-hydraulic drives, verifying shape and colour and localizing foreign body.

The application can store several type of objects: for each of them the elements to inspect, their positioning, the used methods of analysis, the range of tolerance, are defined.

Vision system for "Pin Connectors" control

Vision system for the automatic control of pins on a connector.

The system is equipped with two area cameras, one positioned above and one from the side, to verify the pins compliance, identifying any missing, deformed or misplaced ones.

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Vision systems to control aluminium extruded

The vision system has the dual function of control of the individual heatsink and, after assembly, of the whole heater, to check for the presence of all the elements and the correct assembly.

Being extruded elements made of aluminum, the system also checks, on the internal profiles of each individual heatsink, the presence of scraps not removed by the cleaning-up operations.


ZeroD is a general purpose software environment, S2V proprietary, aimed at the development of vision systems for the quality control, for industry, at 100% of the production.

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Vision Systems for
"Seals Inspection"

Sistemi 2 Visione proposes itself as a specialized supplier of complete solutions for both aesthetic and functional controls on all types of O-rings, seals and sealing ring.

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Vision Systems for aluminum caps control

Vision systems for the on-line control of aluminum caps suited to check for both the edge and the insert integrity.

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