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Integrated Vision System Solutions 

Vision system, complete with supporting structure, arranged for the on-line control of aluminum caps.

The system is able to test up to 600 caps/minute.

Cameras checks:

  • the edge in order to verify its integrity
  • the bottom to verify the insert

The vision system is arranged to:

  • Check of the edge to verify:
    • Deformation of the edge
    • Lack of material
    • Excess of material
  • Check on the bottom to verify:
    • the presence/absence of the insert
    • The corrcet type of the insert
    • If the insert is deteriorated

An additional module allows the inspection of the side to verify the integrity of the lateral edge and to detect missing of material or cracks not visible with the top view only.

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ZeroD is a general purpose software environment, S2V proprietary, aimed at the development of vision systems for the quality control, for industry, at 100% of the production.

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Vision Systems for
"Seals Inspection"

Sistemi 2 Visione proposes itself as a specialized supplier of complete solutions for both aesthetic and functional controls on all types of O-rings, seals and sealing ring.

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Vision Systems for aluminum caps control

Vision systems for the on-line control of aluminum caps suited to check for both the edge and the insert integrity.

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