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Integrated Vision System Solutions 

Vision system to check for the "colombe" production (italian Easter cake)

The vision system, placed before the oven, checks on the individual baking cups in transit sequentially on a conveyor belt, the correct presence of all the ingredients provided for the recipe (icing, almonds, sugar grit).

At a flow rate of 1 to 1.5 seconds/piece, the system acquires and processes a single image on the current part, generating a result of conforming or non-conforming product, specifying the cause of non-compliance with respect to the selected recipe.

Vision system for labels check

The vision system is arranged to be installed on packaging machines to perform the check of presence and reading of labels printed on packaging film

The system is able to carry out the reading even in the presence of partially degraded written, obviously within the limits of readability that can be set in function of a greater or lesser severity on the control.

The vision system is adjustable to fit various sizes and the machine cycle time is 0.5 seconds.

Vision systems for aluminium caps control

Vision system, complete with supporting structure, arranged for the on-line control of aluminum caps to check for the edge and insert integrity.

The system is able to test up to 600 caps/minute.

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Surface Inspection on aluminium reels

Surface Inspection on aluminium reels

Web11 is an automatic control system to detect in real time the imperfections on aluminum film.

During the cutting operation, Web11 inspects continuously the material in transit on the roller of the cutter. For each localized defect, the contour (from which the geometric information are extracted) and the image, are stored.

The system typically operates on reels of width 500 to 3000 mm, with a flow speed of the material from 100 to 500 mt/minute, detecting the typical superficial defects less than 1 mmq in size.


ZeroD is a general purpose software environment, S2V proprietary, aimed at the development of vision systems for the quality control, for industry, at 100% of the production.

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Vision Systems for
"Seals Inspection"

Sistemi 2 Visione proposes itself as a specialized supplier of complete solutions for both aesthetic and functional controls on all types of O-rings, seals and sealing ring.

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Vision Systems for aluminum caps control

Vision systems for the on-line control of aluminum caps suited to check for both the edge and the insert integrity.

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