ZeroD has already developed a wide compatibility with the most popular devices on the vision market; its modular nature allows a wide flexibility of integration.


We always try to meet the needs of our customers with solutions tailored to the specific product. For these reasons the vision system often requires the integration of more technologies for a 360° control both provided by S2V and commercial.

S2V lights are characterized by careful design, even custom, to maximize the result. To ensure an effective analysis, an appropriate mix of light sources is usually used.


Communication and Interfaces

ZeroD easily interfaces with the most common communication protocols allowing integration both in PLC logics both from a master point of view. ZeroD is able to manage the most varied types of devices that are printers, markers, exhausts, sensors, engines.

Database and Report

ZeroD allows sorting data management to guarantee production traceability; for this purpose it relies on a Local DBMS based on SQL Server: where necessary it is possible to integrate multiple machines into a single shared database. Database instances can be local or centralized on a server or have an integrated management. The collected data can be used through customized quality reports.